Learning for Life

Traditional classroom practices of orderly behaviour, careful work habits and intellectual diligence aim to help children to emerge as well-educated, responsible and valuable Christian persons, able to make a positive difference in the world in their future vocations. It is important to the school’s aims for the children to go through the school from Foundation to Year 12, because it will enable continuity in their Chirstian and academic formation.

Overview:  Primary Classes

Our primary school teachers are committed to ensuring that each student develops to the full their knowledge, skills and understanding so that they are able to meet the high academic expectations set by the school. Parents are seen as key collaborators in this and are expected to work with the teachers to achieve the best for their children.


Our challenging curriculum builds firm foundations in English and Mathematics. Prioritising both breadth and depth of knowledge in literacy and numeracy, we dedicate a significant proportion of the timetable to these areas of learning. We try to instil in the students a love of reading, competence in communication, both oral and written, and a strong grasp of mathematical skills.

We have chosen the Fitzroy Reading Scheme along with strong phonics programmes, as effective literacy tools throughout the primary school. Reading both for learning and pleasure is strongly encouraged and all students participate in poetry memorisation and recitation at levels appropriate to their age and abilities.

Other key areas of learning are fostered with the aims of nurturing minds open to the beauty and wonder of the world and able to contribute in a creative way to true culture.

NAPLAN Success 

The results are astounding and a tribute to the students and their teachers. Of particular note was the secondary school's achievement; it ranked no.10 out of the 917 regional schools nationwide (i.e. in the top 1%)! Read M. Biddle's article on Saint Mary MacKillop Colleges, Wagga Wagga achievements. 

Click to read: NAPLAN SUCCESS


Forming Candidates for Heaven

Father of four, 2017

"My prayers [for a good school] were answered when I discovered Saint Mary Mackillop Colleges in Wagga Wagga. It is here that the salvation of the children's souls comes first. Every child is viewed as a candidate for heaven and the educational environment is geared to ensuring total success against the myriad of voices attempting to separate our Catholic kids from their Catholic faith."

Building on the Faith in the Home

Teacher & Sister, Foundation Religion

“The early years are essential. The children who enter our school in Foundation come with a familiarity with prayer and some knowledge of God, the Holy Family and the Saints. These basics are so important when the religion programme is designed to build on a lived Faith in the home. Interestingly, studies indicate that the key ages of spiritual formation in children are between 2 – 7 years, and the biggest influence is the lived Faith of their parents.” 

The Obvious Choice

Parents of five.

“SMMC was the obvious choice for us. The authentic Catholic culture combined with an excellent academic and sporting record was very hard to resist. We know that when our children graduate they will be well formed, well rounded, adults ready to make their mark on the world.” 

Best of Both Worlds

Visitor T.D.

“How fortunate all the students at Mary MacKillop are to have the best of both worlds when it comes to education and Faith. The kids are all bound for great things when they get such a start in life.” 

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