The overall aim of the Religious Education programme in this school is the development of the religious knowledge and spiritual life of each student. 

This is achieved through:

  • Study of the doctrines of the Catholic faith.

  • Study of the history and cultural heritage of the Catholic Church.

  • Study of the moral and spiritual teaching of the Catholic Church.

  • Experiences of prayer, the life of Christian virtue and Christian service.

Primary Religion Programme

The school uses the Baltimore Catechism - noted for its orthodoxy and thoroughness - as texts for the Primary Programme, supplementing it with enrichment studies and experiences to help the children to know and live their Faith.

Children are carefully prepared at the appropriate age for their first reception of the Sacraments of Penance, Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Class prayers, stories from the lives of the saints, Church history, Scripture discussions and the daily pursuit of virtue help foster the Faith of these boys and girls. 

Secondary Religion Programme

The Religious Education Programme 7-10 uses texts been written by the Conventual Sisters of St Dominic: The Faith of the Church Series.  These cover all the components of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. 

The texts involve the students in reading, viewing, discussion dramatisation and written exercises and each text contains Chapters on Doctrine, Church history and the Spiritual Life.

Learning to love, live and spread the Faith at Saint Mary MacKillop Colleges encompassed much more than Religion lessons. Read More...

Our Patroness Saint Mary of the Cross

House Patrons

St Thomas Aquinas

St Catherine of Siena

Our Motto

"Ut Faciam Voluntatem Tuam"

"I come to do Your Will"

Christian Formation & Pastoral Care

The specific role of this school is the Christian formation of its students; they are helped to know and live their Catholic faith and to seek and do God's Will, especially through discerning and preparing for their specific life-vocation.


The Church teaches that the Catholic school should “guide men and women to human and Christian perfection” (RDECS: Para.34).

Saint Mary Mackillop Colleges’ Pastoral Care Program creates structures by which students can do this. See PASTORAL CARE for more details.