Senior School Programme

Our expectations of student behaviour are high and reflect our aim of developing true Christian virtues in the young people entrusted to us.  The virtues of self-motivation, responsibility, diligence, gratitude, consideration and care for the needs and rights of others, and religious fidelity are what we seek to cultivate in the students as we guide them in their studies.

“Dear previous teachers and supervisors, I am writing to tell you all that I have been accepted into Law… without your help and advice I would not be where I am today. So, that being the case, I am thanking you again for your tireless effort, and will hopefully be given an opportunity in the future to repay St Mary Mackillop Colleges and also each of you personally.” - A delighted HSC student, 2014.


The issue of offering a range of subjects for HSC in the context of small class numbers is overcome by the provision of Distance Studies. 


In the senior years students study Theology, Philosophy and Apologetics. These programmes also are devised by the Religious Education Department using courses devised by the teachers.

HSC Subject Choice


Below is a list of the HSC subjects which have been offered or can be considered for our senior students:


  • Ancient History

  • Biology

  • Business Studies

  • Chemistry

  • Community and Family Studies

  • Design and Technology

  • Drama

  • Earth and Environmental Science

  • Economics

  • Engineering Studies

  • English Advanced

  • English Extension I

  • English Extension 2

  • English Standard

  • Food Technology

  • French Beginners

  • French Extension

  • Geography

  • German Beginners

  • History Extension

  • Hospitality

  • Indonesian Beginners

  • Industrial Technology

  • Italian Beginners

  • Italian Continuers

  • Latin Continuers

  • Mathematics

  • Mathematics General

  • Modern History

  • Music 1 & 2

  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

  • Physics

  • Primary Industries

  • Retail Services

  • Senior Science

  • Software Design and Development

  • Spanish Beginners

  • Spanish Continuers

  • Visual Arts

VET courses – a wide range are available.Others may be offered to cater for the needs of particular students. An individual meeting with the Senior Advisor is recommended for all students and their parents.


As you grow up and step into the world, the skills and faith that SMMC has helped develop in you will give you confidence, help you stand up for your faith, speak your mind and trust in God. Trust and have faith, work hard and you will succeed.” 

M., Past Student

Carpenter & Estimator, 2015.

 It’s superb to see how far our school has come from its early days, and we are grateful to the staff and students who have made our years here so wonderful and so important. We have forged friendships here with people of such high calibre; friends for a lifetime!” 

J., Past Student


The strongest influence on children’s ongoing spiritual and character formation is their friends. This business of children being schooled amongst likeminded others is very easily taken for granted and, indeed, often forgotten when it comes to choosing a secondary school or the final two years of school.  One of the aims of this school is to support this development in a lived Catholic school environment.” 

Senior Teacher

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