The Obvious Choice

Parents of five children, 2017.

“SMMC was the obvious choice for us. The authentic Catholic culture combined with an excellent academic and sporting record was very hard to resist. We know that when our children graduate they will be well formed, well rounded, adults ready to make their mark on the world.” 

Forming Candidates for Heaven

Father of four, 2016.

"I simply couldn't place my kids into an average Catholic school and hope for the best. My prayers were answered when I discovered Saint Mary Mackillop Colleges in Wagga Wagga. It is here that the salvation of the children's souls comes first. Every child is viewed as a candidate for heaven and the educational environment is geared to ensuring total success against the myriad of voices attempting to separate our Catholic kids from their Catholic faith.

Every staff member is a devout Catholic person who seeks to provide both excellence in education and faith development. The Conventual Sisters of Saint Dominic who partially staff the school are compassionate, sensitive, and embody the mission of creating Catholic students who will go on to do great things for God in their adult lives."

Blessings from K - 12

Mother of eight students, 2017.

"We are so blessed to have Saint Mary MacKillop Colleges here in Wagga. The salvation of our children's souls comes first, and that is the priory of the school too. From Kindie to Year 12, our children have benefited no end from the Sisters and the staff here. May the school continue to grow and flourish, doing God's work."

Truly a Catholic School

Father of three students, 2017

"The Catholic religion, its doctrine, its moral framework, its consistency, and its beauty — is a gift from God Almighty. Unfortunately many Catholic schools in Australia today have taken that gift and monkeyed with it. These "progressive" schools deny the basic truths of the faith and are determined to replace them with a watered down "Church Light" (same Church, half the doctrines). In the wake of this ceaseless agitation for change, modern Catholic schools have largely produced uncertainty, instability, and a loss of faith in our young people. In short, the amount of Catholic students who leave grade twelve with a spiritual appetite for attending Mass has dramatically fallen while the number of students who are washing right out of the faith during high school is at an all time high. 

To have found a school that recognises the challenges in society and equips students to be a 'light for the nations' - this was a blessing for my family.

I cannot recommend Saint Mary Mackillop Colleges in Wagga Wagga highly enough. It is truly, a Catholic school."

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