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This school seeks to form students as candidates for Heaven, each one loved and respected as a unique person - truly a child of God.


To this end we train the students to seek what is true, good and beautiful, educating them in an atmosphere of Catholic culture where the Catholic Faith is taught in its fulness, the life of virtue seriously pursued and academic excellence promoted as a true and great human value.

 TERMS (2021)
2 Dec

last day of Term 4

School finishes at 12pm

2022 dates
Term 1
Friday 8 April
Friday 28 January

St Mary MacKillop Colleges

20 Hely Ave

PO Box 2373

Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 

​ph: 02 6925 6601

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SMMC and Latin Mass Community Confirmati
Christian Formation

Living a life in Christ

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Learning  with confidence. 

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Committed to the best that Western culture has to offer.