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Admissions & Enrolment


Since this school seeks to build a truly Catholic ethos and teaches unapologetically and completely the truths of the Catholic Faith, it is important that parents seeking to enrol their children in the school, believe and practise the Catholic Faith and support fully the educational and religious aims of the school.

The school exists not to replace or compensate for but to reinforce the religious and cultural values of the parents. It recognises that conflict between home and school in these matters is detrimental to the human and Christian development of the child.

The criteria are multi-dimensional: no single criterion (other than spiritual development) is taken in isolation; we look for the ‘whole person’ and attempt to choose applicants who will be best suited to the holistic schooling offered at Saint Mary MacKillop Colleges.​​​​​​​​​​

How to Apply

  1. Families should carefully read the website content to appreciate the values and principles of this school community. The Prospectus gives further information.        

  2. Initial contact by the parent/s with the school either by email, phone or a visit to the school is the next step. See Contact page.

  3. If parents are interested in joining the school, a questionnaire is supplied regarding their expectations of the school and the needs of their child/children. This should be returned to the school if the parent/s wish to proceed with an interview.    

  4. Based on the results of this questionnaire an interview may be granted.

When to Apply

Interviews for Year K–12 classes commencing the following year will be conducted between August and November. Please note that not all applicants will receive an interview and not all families interviewed will necessarily receive an offer of a place. 

With the offer of enrolment for new families, an enrolment fee of $250 will be required to confirm enrolment. This will be credited towards the first term’s fees. 

Annual Re-enrolment: Re-enrolment is on a yearly  basis and the school reserves the right not to re-enrol students as it sees fit. Parents will  be notified of the school's decision. Parents always have the right to withdraw their children or not to re-enrol them but they should, as far as possible give one term's notice of this.

Assistance for Families

In order to cover the costs of educating our students, parental contributions to the tuition is necessary. However, the school tries to keep fees at a minimum and give family discounts. 

Assistance for Families:

The school gives bursaries to families who would benefit from the educational and formation offered by the school; these bursaries cover some or all of the tuition costs.

If a family is experiencing financial difficulties, please contact the school to make an appointment with the Principal about full or partly sponsored places. These talks will be held in the strictest confidence. No child is ever refused enrolment because of financial reasons.

Giving: The further growth and development of the school relies on the generosity of our benefactors, in both monetary and prayerful support. We remember our benefactors in Masses and daily school prayers. 

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