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Integration of Faith and Life

  • We offer systematic and coherent teaching of the truths of the Catholic Faith. 

  • We instruct the students in the principles, doctrines and practical implications of Catholic Moral Teaching.

  • We inculcate an understanding and practice of the life of Virtue with special emphasis on the Theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity and the Cardinal Moral Virtues of Justice, Prudence, Temperance and Fortitude.​

  • We help them to recognise and respond to the Will of God in day-to-day situations.​​​​​​​

  • We provide ample opportunity for prayer - class prayer, individual prayer and above all the Sacred Liturgy. 

  • We put before them the example and teachings of the Saints of the Catholic Church.

Pastoral Care

The Church teaches that the Catholic school should “guide men and women to human and Christian perfection and... [help] them to mature in their faith.” (The Religious Dimension of Education in a Catholic School, §34).

SMMC has a strong focus on character formation from Foundation to Year 12, seen as a holistic development of the personality in the Life of Christ.

Saint Mary Mackillop Colleges’ Pastoral Care Program has three components:

  • general care of students.

  • the care of  individual students experiencing difficulties.

  • the care of student-groups in Pastoral Care Sessions.

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School Expectations to form Virtue

The college has a set of School Expectations of students which describes the kinds of behaviours which are consistent with Christian values in relation to the pursuit of knowledge and human interaction, and are based on the moral virtues. They focus on student appearance and comportment; student relations with others in class, at play and during bus travel; and use of technology. 

Pastoral Care Policy

If a student’s  behaviour is either too serious or too persistent for management by the class-teacher, they are referred to the Pastoral Care Coordinator and, when needed, the Principal. The school's Pastoral Care Policy is followed, which incorporates Classroom Management and Discipline procedures. 

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