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NOTE: All students should be at school no later than 8:40am and they should be picked up at 3:15pm.    Break times are: Morning Tea 10.20 - 10.40.  Lunch 1pm - 1.35pm. 



Holy Mass for the whole school is at 9.40am Friday. We welcome all family and friends to visit our chapel and join us for Mass! 


Term Dates 2019

Term 1: Jan 31st - Apr 12th

Term 2: April 30th - June 28th

Term 3: Jul 23rd - Sep 27th

Term 4: Oct 14th - Dec 5th

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An Introduction to Our School...

We desire to share the unique formation and education opportunities available at this school with many families.

Families should carefully read the website content to appreciate the values and principles of this school community. The Prospectus gives further information.   

Confirmation Resources

by Sr Mary Dominica for Year 5/6

Here are some revision summaries to supplement your child's  Confirmation preparation. There is also a document about choosing a patron saint. 

The Family Rosary

by Sr Mary Augustine O.P. of the Conventual Sisters of St Dominic 

The Rosary is what the people of God almost instinctively go to when the chips are down, and the wolf is at the door, which is why all the faithful the world over - and especially in our benighted country - need to grab their beads right now, go on their knees and  recite the Rosary - alone, with friends and above all in the family, anywhere, anytime.


Digital Safety

We live in a digital age and the internet can be easily accessed from a range of devices such as mobile phones, computers, tablets and through games consoles. This section has some links and advice to help families use the internet in a positive way whilst being aware of risks and using measures to keep safe and secure online.

The Key Online Risks 

Contact: children can be contacted by bullies or people who may want to harm them

Content: age-inappropriate or unreliable content can be available to children

Conduct: sharing too much information or spending too much time online

Commercialism: being unaware of hidden costs and advertising in apps, games and websites.

Key Safer Internet Usage

Use computers and mobile devices in a shared areas. Have ongoing conversations with children about staying safe. Use safety tools on social networks and online services. Use parental controls on your home internet. Disable the WIFI and internet at a fixed time every evening; this prevents late or early risers from using the internet unawares. Understand the devices and the parental controls.

Internet Safety Resources
Think U Know - Resources for Parents - Australian Federal Police
Covenant Eyes - Internet Accountability & Filtering

Social Media Social media sites are constantly changing their settings and privacy policies and new sites are developing all the time.There are a huge number of every growing sites, chat rooms, games, email and mobile apps that incorporate social media and may be a safety issue for young people.


Particular care should be taken to protect personal details and avoiding unwanted contact or inappropriate material.


Saint Mary MacKillop Colleges has adopted a uniform that we regard as smart, modest, affordable and easy to care for. It reflects this school’s appreciation for personal discipline and standards of excellence as well as its commitment to cultivating a communal school spirit. It helps the students to appreciate the higher importance of the inner life of the person over external appearances and eliminates the element of the competitiveness of fashion.

Addition: All students must now wear hats at break and when in the sun. Details regarding Secondary School sun hats TBA. 


End of Term 3 Wk 10 2018

Farewell to our Year 12 Class of 2018, News of the MacKillop Day, feedback from the Retreat, Winners from the Wagga Show...

2018 Term 3 Week4

Our celebration of St Mary of the Cross, RAS day for Primary, poetry in Year 7 and collecting Used Stamps for the missions...

2018 Term 2 Newsletter

A busy term indeed! Feast Day fun, trip to Canberra, Sport News and wins, Churchhill medal, Pro-Life stance and more...

2018 Term 1 Wk 8 General

51 in the List of 220 TOP NSW Secondary Schools... Naplan successes in all four Years... Library news... News Weekly recommendation...

2018 Term 1 Wk 5 Primary

A NEW Year begins, with lots planned... Welcome to new teacher... Fundraising group has many ideas...

Newsletter Wk 8 Term 4 2017

We made it to the TOP 100 NSW schools, Year 3 Adventure in the Caves, Farewell to 'The Busman', 10 great Advent Activities for Catholic Families...

Newsletter Wk 4 Term 4 2017

Introducing our new Captains - the first born in the 21st century; explaining Prayer for the Holy Souls; a trip to see Da Vinci's inventions...

Primary Newsletter Wk 2 Term 4 2017

First Holy Communions to celebrate, Chess Tutorials have begun and students share their personal holy objects with their classmates. 

Last Term 3 Newsletter Wk 10

A longer edition - Primary Religion Lessons; An Interview with Alumni; Book Week Winner 7/8; Secondary Retreat Term 3; Around the Classrooms; photos and more news bits...

Newsletter Wk 4 Term 3 2017

Mass of St Mary of the Cross, new Prospectus, the Sancta Maria Bell, Book Week Competition and interview with two Alumni...

10 Years Newsletter 2017

A longer Newsletter honours the last 10 Years of the school. 

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Term Dates 2019

Term 1: Jan 31st - Apr 12th

     Term 2: April 30th - June 28th

Term 3: Jul 23rd - Sep 27th

Term 4: Oct 14th - Dec 5th

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