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Recent Updates


Cardinals to SMMC

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Excellent in Exams

Learning During Covid

During 2020 and 2021 the school is  following the advice of the authorities for best practise regarding learning and health.
Events on campus and visitors are limited this year, so please contact the school for latest procedures.


Encouragement from our Cardinals

Cardinal Sarah thanked us for the photo of our school Mass and promised prayers for SMMC. Some students were also assured of the prayers of Cardinal Pell who gave advice on forgiveness and love to those who wrote to him during the defamation campaign against him. Best of all was acknowledgment of the letters Year 7 sent to Pope Emeritus. Read below.

NAPLAN Excellence

Teaching pedagogy and quality content combine to form leaners who excel in the public exams.
In past years, the secondary school has excelled in the public NAPLAN exams, for example, ranking no.10 out of the 917 regional schools nationwide (i.e. in the top 1%) in 2016.



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Pray the Rosary

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The Danger to a Child's Morals

Parents, grandparents, teachers - all you who are dedicating yourselves to the raising of children - not just their bodies but their minds and souls - where do you stand on the subject of READING? - by Sr Mary Augustine O.P.

Encouraging the Family Rosary

The Rosary is the most beloved of all devotions, has been long encouraged by the Popes and has the recommendation of Heaven through the various approved apparitions of Our Lady.

Progress Report 2012

Saint Mary MacKillop Colleges, Wagga Wagga: progress report 2012

​by Charles Morton published in  AD2000, Vol. 25, No. 9 - October 2012.​

The development and growth in six years. 

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